Student Life Overview

the aryan school dehradun

Students at The Aryan School are a part of a very close and caring community.

They come from diverse ethnic, geographic, socioeconomic backgrounds to live and learn, side by side.

The strong friendships formed here endure long after a student graduates, as do the life-changing lessons learned.


  • RISING 5.30 am (Summer), 6.30 am (Winter)
  • PT/Yoga
  • Bath & Change
  • Breakfast
  • Assembly
  • Classes
  • Lunch
  • Rest
  • Prep Class
  • Games/Sports
  • Evening Tea
  • Bath & Change
  • Phone Calls (Monday to Saturday)
  • Dinner
  • Prep class
  • Lights Off 9.30 PM (Juniors) 10.00 pm (Seniors)


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