The School has separate laboratories for Computer, Home Science, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

Physics Lab in The Aryan School Dehradun India

PHYSICS LAB: Modern Technology apparatus for covering all experiments prescribed by the ISC and ICSE . This laboratory generate and sustain interest in the study of PHYSICS with practical knowledge by motivating our students of class VI to XII to ensure divergent scientific thinking.

Chemistry Lab in The Aryan School, Dehradun India

CHEMISTRY LAB:- This lab is equipped with all the apparatus and chemicals required for practicals for students from classes VI to XII. The students perform practicals as per the syllabus.

Biology Lab in The Aryan school Dehradun

BIOLOGY LAB : This lab is equipped with well-equipped instruments , microscopes, computer and it gives relevant information about the unicellular and multicellular organisms by keeping the spicemens of all multicellular organisms.


COMPUTER LAB:- The lab consists of 60 systems with well equipped networking and internet facilities and all the students including the Faculty members make use of Internet. [/column]

Home science lab in The Aryan School Dehradun

Home Science: Home Science focus an integral part of the ICSE and ISC curriculum as an optional subject. It is a unique field of knowledge with its major thrust in bringing science and everyday life together. It is interdisciplinary approach in synthesizing knowledge drawn from programme and is aimed at preparing students in improving the quality of life smoothly at home as well as starting career in various government and private sectors.

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