About us

The Aryan School Dehradun is one of the India's leading boarding school.

Since its founding in 2001, The Aryan School, Dehradun has been preparing school students with an education and learning for a lifetime.

Size: With an annual enrollment of approximately 80 students, the school is an intentionally small, close-knit community.

Students: Our student body represents roughly 20 different states and 9 foreign countries. Although they come from a variety of ethnic and cultural backgrounds, students share a common appreciation for the value of good character, hard work and scholarship.

Faculty: Our faculty members bring with them a wide range of experiences, talents and backgrounds. But they all share a dedication to the mission of the school, striving to educate the mind, body and spirit of each of their students.

Honor and respect: Values matter here, from the Honor Code and student-run honor system to our unwritten code of respect.

Opportunities: Students have many occasions to demonstrate leadership and to participate in competitive athletics, the arts and outdoor adventures.

Outings: Students learn to challenge themselves and try new things in a program that teaches students to appreciate the great outdoors for a lifetime. Because our campus is located in the heart of the Dehradun Valley, students have ample opportunities to explore.

Campus: Our stunning campus is in the heart of the Dehradun Valley, ten minutes from the historic Clock Tower, Dehradun. Our facilities combine learning with 21st century technology.

The Aryan School, Dehradun is about much more than knowledge, skills and paper qualifications. Ethical principles and a positive view of the world and its people play as much of a part in everyday school life as the academic outcomes, important as they undoubtedly are.

That’s simply because of The Aryan School’s belief that each individual has the potential for goodness and a responsibility to attain that goodness. From the youngest child in The Aryan School Dehradun, to the most senior member of staff, there is, we believe, ‘that of God’ in everyone.

Following its principles, The Aryan School motivates its pupils to be creative thinkers, peacemakers and confident humanitarians. We hope that, while they are at School, and afterwards, they will make contributions to responsive and responsible public leadership in the world.

Since the School was founded on moral principles, all the students learn their academic lessons in an informal, supportive setting before going on to live their moral lessons for the rest of their open-minded, confident, inquiring lives. That’s why people say that The Aryan School is one of the best boarding and top residential schools in Dehradun.

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