A unique co-educational boarding school for boys and girls, the Aryan School has a zestuful environment for strategic mental development.

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Our chief want in life” said Emerson,” is someone who will make us do what we can” A simple statement with a complex meaning, giving our life as educators and parents a profound purpose. Really we spare no effort in providing our young Aryans every opportunity.

The rewards of our efforts are ample as we watch our students with pride and fulfillment excel and surpass our expectations. School life flourishes with challenges, relentless peer and parental pressure. Balancing these forces is perhaps the real test of our effort and endeavor. It is with deep sense of satisfaction and pride that I say soaring high is our aim. Aryans in all spheres of activity, academics was exceptional and extraordinary.

To our dear parents and well-wishers, I wish to express our appreciation, for being with us on several occasions and supporting our efforts to provide an encouraging clime for our children’s growth. Your presence motivates us to give off our very best. Children should make passion their profession, value what they have and above all discover the beauty within them and be happy.

Education was never meant to eliminate all the questions. The power of education comes in its capacity to point out mystery and wonder and to keep re-approach old thinking with new and creative understanding.

The Aryan is an academic community that pursues the highest ideals of scholarship. We strive to challenge our students intellectually and morally – to nurture a love for learning and a commitment to engage as servant leaders in a complex world.

Joining the Aryan school is always akin to joining a community of people working together to forge a greater understanding of each other and the world through the diversity of thought, perspective and experience.

Our progress has been the outcome of the work done by our Leadership Team and the invaluable and selfless contribution of every faculty member. In these trying times, they are working collaboratively to prepare assignments, guided revision exercises, online learning platforms and digital resources for the students’ edification. The entire team intends to deploy IT and pedagogic resources and remotely continue to support our students learning through lessons. And yes, we endeavour to assist, as much as we can, with whatever queries the parents may have. The entire team is going above and beyond for which I am most appreciative of the sterling service

The Aryan experience challenges you to reach your potential. It’s about connecting with others and forging lifelong friendships. Here, learning is fun, dorms become home, and there’s always something new to explore.

Our role, and the role of everyone on this beautiful campus, is really quite straightforward: to inspire and to be inspired by the community of adults and students working toward high ideals.

While our facilities are exceptional, The Aryan’s primary strength is its people. Faculty, staff, and students combine to make The Aryan a wonderful place.

we pride ourselves on the innovative ways we teach our students, using activity-based learning, cutting-edge technology, role-playing, and other skills to engage and inspire.

God Bless!

Mrs. B. Dasgupta


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