Table Tennis

Table tennis is another sport that is, immensely enjoyed at ‘The Aryan School’. Boys, girls and even the staff members can be seen moving in the direction of the recreation block – carrying a table tennis racket. On many occasions our talented table tennis players are also sent for Inter-School matches during the year.
In Inter house matches Yajur house stood victorious. Suryakant Khushwa, Kiran Rawat, Iesha Agarwal, Yash Sachdeva, Deepanjali Chaudhry and Akshit Garg played extremely well in all the tournaments. They defeated every house thus, emerging winners. Our school and Doon school played a friendly match on 23rd Feb 2011. The matches were played in two categories – senior and juniors. The score was 3-0 in favour of The Aryan School. In both the categories The Aryan School was the ‘winner’ in both the matches.
On the whole, the table tennis season for 2010-2011 was a memorable one. It brought matches against some very good players and trips to wonderful places. With the guidance of our excellent coaches, the students will continue to improve and 2011 will bring even more memorable glorious moments.

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