The game played years ago by the Nawabs for leisure and recreation is an integral part of the Aryan Sports Curriculum. The Aryan students bring prestige and honour to their respective houses – after all, there is a gleaming trophy that awaits the winning team after all the matches have been played.

Badminton The Aryan School Dehradun
The heat was on at the Inter-house level. All the houses put their best foot forward but Atharva house won all the matches in the Junior Boys division. In senior boys division matches held in school were keenly contested. Rig house stood victorious. The score was 2-0 and they defeated Yajur house. The badminton season began as we came back from a restful holiday in July. For a week the players practiced, sending the shuttle cock flying from one end to the other with each blow until it finally could not be recognized or used. Girls played with great enthusiasm and returned each of the opponents blows with great smashes.

Our senior boys, the shuttlers packed their kits and went to The Doon School to participate in the Invitational Badminton Tournament. A total of 8 schools participated. Our players faced tough competition. Though they sweated it out on court, they couldn’t make it to the finals. This tournament provided the much needed exposure to our team. The coaches were proud of all the players. The badminton season concluded, although we had not won the matches played, we had certainly learnt a lot as far as the game is concerned.
The future will surely hold brighter prospects, we will work hard, we know that life will give us many more chances; we just need to avail of them and exhibit our true talent.

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