Vice Principal


Dr. Jyoti Gupta (Ph.D. in School management, M.Sc in Electronics and wireless communication, B.Ed and M.A in English) is an educator and facilitator with a vast teaching and administrative experience of eighteen years. She firmly believes that The Aryan School provides the best platform to the young, ignited minds to explore their true potential.

Most learning is not the result of instruction, rather it is the result of unhampered participation and dedication of our staff members. Most children learn best by being ‘ with it‘, yet our school makes them identify their personal, cognitive overall growth with elaborate planning, perseverance, and truthfulness. Therefore learning is not by chance, but is sought for with ardor and diligence.

Hence we believe in making our students individuals with values of today and pioneers of tomorrow as they are the authors of their own existence and destiny and THE GUIDING STARS of the future.

Our students learn best through observing, absorbing, and even mimicking those who stand as role models in classrooms, dorms, athletic spaces, theatres, laboratories, practice rooms, and studios. Teachers and other adults at the Aryan model the intellectual risk-taking, drive, and humility that ultimately distinguish our students. But students also learn from each other in many ways, from academic discussions to nightly dorm check-ins; they learn everything from study skills to the rewards of developing friendships and finding joy in living.

Dr. Jyoti Gupta
Vice – Principal

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