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May 25, 2015
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July 17, 2015

On 27th May 2015, a group of students of The Aryan School escorted by their House Masters went for a seven day educational excursion to Singapore.

They visited the famous “Universal Studio” which is spread over a wide area and has a ‘Hollywood’ street, sets of ‘Jurassic Park’, water parks, sets of the movie ‘Mummy’, to name a few.

They also visited the “Singapore Science Centre”, where the children witnessed live experiments and scientific activities in Physics, Geography, Astronomy and Environment. The students participated in all the live experiments and gained the required scientific knowledge. They also visited the “Snow City” which provided a natural feel of snow-fall and skiing. “Singapore National Bird Park”. The Aryans were mesmerized by sight of the rare birds and the creations of nature in their natural habitats when they visited the ‘ Singapore National Bird Park’.

In the remaining days, they visited the following:

  • The Flyers: The children saw the entire Singapore town from a height of about 400 metres, while sitting in the glass capsules fixed on a giant wheel.
  • Merlion Mall: It has show rooms of International brands like Ferrari, Gucci, Dior, Louis Phillips and so on.
  • China Town: It is a market complex run by the Chinese and Japanese entrepreneurs. The shops sell Chinese and Japanese electronics goods.
  • Santosa: It is an island situated in the vicinity of Singapore. Here, the Aryans enjoyed the ‘Ropeway’, the ‘Underwater World’, the ‘Dolphins show’ and the breathtaking laser show ‘Wings of Time’.
  • Singapore Zoo: The Aryans boarded the ‘Trams’ and saw the animals in their natural habitat, including the rare ones like African elephants, white tigers, zebras, giraffes, Cobra and Python snakes, wild boars and the gigantic white polar bears.

The excursion ended on 2 June 2015.

The Aryans will cherish the memory of this Educational Excursion to Singapore for a long time as it was a wonderful, exciting as well as an enjoyable and great learning experience. They learnt many new things and activities of International standards.

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