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Structure, discipline and a rigorous curriculum are just some of the core principles that underpin daily life at The Aryan School but the perfect environment helps the students grow into a well-rounded individual – a characteristic that puts our students on the road to success for the rest of their lives!

One of the primary benefits of a boarding school education is the sense of independence and maturity that it provides for its students. However, independence does not mean our students have to face their query and problem without support. Our faculty and staff are aware of the needs and concerns that student face and have in place a variety of resources to support and serve the needs of our student body. The school has a highly talented and dedicated team of teachers who are passionate about their subject. Teaching staff aim to make learning exciting and stimulating for all pupils, and they pride themselves on the quality of their academic teaching.


Countless studies have shown that health and academics go hand in hand. To ensure the resilient emotional and physical health of the students we have incorporated basic and emergency medical facilities, with the aim to provide children with a healthy environment which leads to holistic development.

Basic and emergency medical facilities are available on the campus to provide a healthy stay for the children. Qualified and experienced nurses look after the infirmary and a doctor visits regularly. The school also maintains a special arrangement with a nearby Nursing home. Regular check-ups are conducted to look after the general well being of the students, and parents are regularly informed about the health of their wards.

The parents are also requested to keep the school informed about all medical reports of the child, regarding allergies to any substances, treatments, if any, going on, to keep the school records updated. A medical form will be sent to parents before every vacation which must be completed and returned at the start of each term. A routine checkup must be done during the vacations of – Teeth, Eyes, Ears, Nose etc.


All children want to get the most out of their course and life at school. But there may well be times when other concerns or problems interfere with that aim. Arrangements have been made to offer personalized counselling to children should they feel the need as talking through issues at such times can often help identify and resolve matters to enable the students in making judicious selection suitable to their personal aptitudes in career opportunities.

Counselling helps students identify and optimise their potential.  Students are required to develop independence, living away from home and making decisions about time management, organization, and social activities. Often, the newfound independence of living away from home.

The school provides counselling to ensure a child’s success at school at various levels. Mental health is an integral part of physical health, so the school provides with open and confidential access to counsellors to give the support the students need.


The latest technology of teaching and learning in the field of education is now shifted to smart classes. It is a new vision in education. The smart learning approach provides smart thinking tools as well as a techno-based environment to learn for learners of all age groups. The use of ICT and different educational technology in teaching-learning techniques gives a smart effect too. Instruction through computer, internet and multimedia procedures will be a common thing in future. The smart class concept is a completely new vision and ability to produce interest in studies. Smart school and smart class is an innovative concept for teachers and students. Involvement of computers, internet, projectors and whiteboards in a systematic blending way also related to blended learning.

Teachers can utilize the various online information such as knowledge databases, online audio-video and worldwide news items to strengthen their lessons and classroom teaching.

Students who may on occasions find their lessons monotonous take interest to learn something new as these modern age tools provide more understanding to them as all the senses begin to involve in the smart classrooms. By fostering discussions and developing new and out of the box ideas, technology also helps improve the student-teacher bond.

It is also highly efficient in maintaining student’s interest and engagement in learning inside the classroom. Smart Class simplifies the problems of teaching abstract curriculum concepts that are difficult for students to visualize or relate to through the provision of three-dimensional, interactive multi-media modules.


The school arranges to drop the boarders at the end of the term till New Delhi and the airport. The school makes transport arrangement for this purpose and the children are sent with an escort till the airport or whatever the destination. They are also received on arrival provided there are sufficient students and six weeks advance notice is given.

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