Mrs. Pomila Narula

The English word ‘Aryan’ is derived from the Sanskrit word Aryan, meaning ‘noble’. It was used initially as a national name to designate the worshippers of the ‘Devas’.

After teaching in reputed schools of Delhi for the past 27 years Mrs. P. Narula joined the Aryan School as a primary school supervisor. She gives utmost care to the babies who enjoy learning as well as many outdoor activities.

Given the responsibility of Primary education as a foundation to further growth, the aim is to contribute towards improving the effects of the learning process. The first years of school are a period in which conceptions and ways of accessing knowledge and social processes are constructed and transmitted since the early years of a child are the most impressionable years. As primary school teachers she sees that her team constantly aim towards basic education through play way method. That every child enters the school smiling and leaves smiling. Creating an effective environment and focussing on each child, she has always worked towards quality education. The most important thing is that the students are given a panoply of situations in which they can position themselves to awaken their own values.

Amongst the greatest of all services that can be rendered by men to Almighty God, is the education and training of children, so that they can foster by grace in the way of salvation, growing like pearls of divine bounty in the shell of education, and will be one day the jewel in the crown of abiding glory.

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