Inter House English Choir Competition
May 2, 2015
Gala Fete
May 25, 2015

The Inter House Aquatic Meet was held in The Aryan School on 19th May 2015. The Chief Guest for the meet was the Vice Chairman of The Aryan School, Mr. Sunny Gupta. On the much awaited day, all the swimmers had their hopes held high to emerge victorious.
The Meet was declared open by Mrs. Simi Gupta.
The School Choir welcomed the Chief Guest with a beautiful song ‘This Summer, I want Swimming’ in their melodious voices.
All the participants of the four Houses put together all their dedication and strength to put up a successful swimming competition.
The Competition was divided into four divisions and consisted of 6 events: Free – Style, Butterfly, Breast Stroke, Back Stroke, Relay and Medley. There were various lengths for different divisions. Nutcha, Zermit, Tanya Kumari, Abhishek Kumar, Aniket Arora, Himanshu Yadav, Saynee Mitra and Abhishek Matolia, representatives of various houses gave spectacular performances. The members of the House were all enthusiastic and exuberant, and enhanced the morale of the swimmers throughout. They kept the excitement going with their cheering and applause as many new records were created.
In his brief address, the Chief Guest congratulated all the winners and the participants, and said that grueling practices were important for the children to excel and prove their mettle as the competition spoke volumes of the hard work and the ingenuity of the students.
Medals to the winners were given by the Principal, Mrs. Simi Gupta, School Doctor (Dr. S. Kalra) and Ms. Mridula.
Best Swimmers Trophy was given away by Vice Chairman Mr. Sunny Gupta.
In her ‘Vote of thanks’ the Principal Mrs. B. Dasgupta congratulated all the participants for their tenacity, perseverance and hard work.
Aquatic Meet Trophy was lifted by Atharva & Yajur House

Individual Championship trophies were given to the following students:
Sub Junior Boy – Aniket Arora
Sub Junior Girl – Samridhi
Junior Boy – Utkarsh Yadav
Junior Girl – Ojasvi Tiwari
Senior Boy – Himanshu Yadav
Senior Girl- Zermit Lepcha
This event was yet another success in this booming year of The Aryan School.
In this Aquatic Meet Principal Mrs. B. Dasgupta, Vice Chairman Mr. Sunny Gupta, H. R Head Ms. Mridula, Mrs. Simi Gupta, School Doctor (Dr. S. Kalra), teachers, PTIs, Coaches and children were present.


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