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April 10, 2015
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May 2, 2015

On 25th April 2015, The Aryan School, Mussoorie Diversion Road, Malsi- Greens, Dehradun, hosted the 15th Fancy Dress Competition and the Inter Class Recitation Competition. It was a grand event in which students of the Junior School and the Middle School participated. The Judges for the Fancy Dress Competition were Mrs. Rekha Nautiyal and Mrs. Seema Singha whereas the judge for recitation Competition was Mrs. Ritika Singh.

The theme for the Fancy Dress was ‘Advertisement Jingles’.

The programme was a colourful display of various products in toiletries and cosmetics and was a showcase for young talents.

The advertisements included latest brands and products such as Surf Excel, OLX, Close up, Maggi noodles, Apsara pencil and Iodex to name afew. The children spoke confidently and evoked a wide range of emotions.

In the recitation competition the contestants held the audience spell bound. There were a few challenging pieces, some very touching poetry and some with the usual humour.

The audience enjoyed  ‘A poison Tree. I Wandered Lonely as a cloud’, A prayer in spring piece, What is like, Down on bicycle and many more. The orators brought out their talent and impressed the gathering profusely.

It was evident that every participant had put in his heart and soul.

The Principal Mrs. B. Dasgupta congratulated all the participants and in her brief address said that through competitions children committed poetry to their memory and with the umpteenth repetition the pupils perfected their diction, pause, the inflections and modulation. She also praised the teachers for their hard work in making the programme a grand success. She then declared the winners of the contests.

The event ended by the prize distribution to the winners of the contests. The HR head, Mrs. Mridula, all the staff members & children of The Aryan School witnessed the programme.

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