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May 20, 2015
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June 9, 2015

The Annual Gala Fete was held in The Aryan School on 22nd May, 2015. It is one of the most eagerly awaited occasions of the year. As soon as the fete was declared open by the school Vice Chairman Mr. Sunny Gupta, the excitement was uncontrollable. Children swarmed all over the fields, trying their luck at various stalls.
Each stall had loads of attractive prizes. The lucky dip, wheel of fortune, hoopla, fishing, cap of queen, pyramids, breaking the pot, hit the eye etc. were teeming with hopeful customers. There were stalls serving kebabs, pizza, chaat, refreshing juices, chilled drinks, exotic pastries which were quite relishing.
The Juke Box attracted huge number of students and parents. A numbers of tracks were played over the loud speakers. Songs were dedicated to friends and teachers. The colourful stalls beckoned to the young, promising mouth watering items, thirst busters of all kinds, as well as games that tested skill and luck. The most awaited event of the day was ‘the Hamper Bumper’!
There were prizes of all sorts: Microwave oven, Music System, Cookers and so on. The most coveted prize, however, was the latest brand of a Food Processor.
The best stall award was won by “Ball in the Bucket’. Parents and students went round each stall. Each stall was tastefully decorated. The environment all over was vibrant and jubilant.
On the whole the fete was a great success and everyone enjoyed it immensely.

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