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April 26, 2015
Inter House English Choir Competition
May 2, 2015

Earth Day was celebrated in The Aryan School, Mussoorie Diversion Road, Malsi- Greens, Dehradun on 2nd May 2015 to create new visions and accelerate environmental awareness amongst the students. The school glorified the essence of the earth through Inter class Pin board competition.

Earth Day Celebration The Aryan School

The judge on the occasion was Mr. Ajay Sharma, the organizer of nature walks and presently working in Welham Boys School, Dehradun. All the students committed themselves to being environmentally conscious citizens. The students made fascinating models and colourful charts. They emphasized on the alternative sources of energies, the concept of reuse of refuse, safeguarding the planet, what would happen to our Earth without trees, journey of waste, what was earth before and safe guarding the planet. The enthusiastic participants contributed significantly to initiating concerted action towards maintaining a clean and a green environment.

The judge Mr. Ajay Sharma appreciated the creativity, imagination and aesthetic sense of the students.

The Principal Mrs. B. Dasgupta in her brief address to the gathering said “If nature is not taken care today, at some unpredictable time nature will strike back. Keeping this in mind, children are to be made aware towards problems related to environmental degradation”.
The day ended joyfully, with a pledge that we must value the beautiful nature.

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