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Trip to Tehri

On 31st of March seven students of The Aryan School accompanied by Mr. Sunil Thapa went for 5 days educational trip to Tehri. They put up the base camp at Suvsingdhar. The weather and ambience of Tehri were quite pleasant, and the children enjoyed every moment of their sojourn. They carried out various activities like rappelling, valley crossing, Jumaring and rock climbing to name a few. They also went for Junga rides, nature walks and visited the local villages a well as the famous Tehri Dam. Through this trip the

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The 31st of March was the day when the new boarders were feeling fresh and had a smile on their face. It was a day dedicated to the new Aryans.
The programme commenced with a welcome song, sung by the school choir and it continued with the reading of ‘glimpses of the school guidelines’. The school doctor addressed the gathering, and explained the care we take regarding health and hygiene and also reviewed and revised necessary steps for a nutritious diet. The counselor addressed the audience, briefing on how to take

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A visit to Viratkhai Chakrata

Forty five boarder girls went for an excursion to Viratkhai, a small hill station located near Chakrata. They stayed in the tents. The rainfall, snowy mountains and beautiful valleys made the stay very thrilling and adventurous. The students enjoyed trekking, valley crossing, rock climbing, tress climbing and long walks. At night the bon fire, songs, dances, and various games like treasure hunts numbering system added more excitement. The Tiger Falls was amazing. The gushing falls and different kinds of rocks made the spirits liven up. The delectable meals and spicy

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An excursion to Shimla

The serenity of snow capped mountains, pine trees, exotic flowers and zig zag roads captivated the hearts of many boarders as the school planned a small excursion for the pupils on the hills.
Though the journey was long and exhausting the children enjoyed the ride. They had sumptuous breakfast at Lamba resort. The stay in Shimla was adventurous as the children dwelled in pitched tents. Many activities were conducted at Kawlag. The students carried out a range of adventure activities like Rappelling, Trust Fall, Jumaring, Rope Courses, Tyrolean Traverse, Flying Fox

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The year 2015 was a milestone in the journey of enthusiast skaters. It is a year of celebration as five skaters of The Aryan School were honoured at a prestigious award ceremony held at Colours Food Plaza Hotel Dehradun. Stanzin Deldon, the National player was declared the most promising player of Uttarakhand. Sangram Chaudhary, Ayush Singh, Abhishek Rana and Viraj Mohan were also honoured. The Chief Guest Justice, B.C. Kandpal gave trophies, mementos and certificates to the deserving players. The School team showed an aptitude for success and determination.


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3rd National Ice Hockey Championship (Under 20 Boys)

Five National Skaters of The Aryan School, Stanzin Deldon, Abhishek Singh Rana, Sangram Chaudhary, Viraj Mohan and Ayush Singh, represented Uttarakhand State in 3rd National Ice Hockey Championship (Under 20 Boys) held at Gurgaon, Delhi NCR. The students did extremely well and the school team became ‘Champions on Wheels’ exhibiting their talent in Ice Hockey Skating. Viraj Mohan and Stanzin Zesdan were interviewed by the Director of Ice Hockey Federation and the interview was published in all the leading newspapers.
The enthusiast skaters always look forward to many more opportunities in

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Havan Ceremony

The Havan Ceremony was conducted in the school to seek grace and choicest blessings of God for the candidates appearing for class X and Class XII board examinations.
The Havan was performed religiously under the divine fervor and spirituality. Prasad was distributed to all.





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ICAN Conference held at RIMC Dehradun – 31st Jan & 1st Feb 2015

Twenty students from Class IX and XI attended ICAN conference held at RIMC Dehradun. This is a new progressive co-curricular educational Concept. Children were updated with a wide array of life skills and soft skills. It was a great opportunity through visualization and exploration in The Corporate World. Quizzes, discussions and games helped students to enhance their knowledge about the corporate and media world. They were enhanced with new ways of economizing and the children delved deeper into how to save and spend finances.








Dusshera Celebration

Rooted in tradition, The Aryan family celebrates all the festivals every year with unfading belief in the power of good over evil. There was grand celebration. The Magic Johnson Court was bejeweled with lights and decoration. An effigy of “Ravana” was burnt and sparkling fireworks lighted up the sky. The students enjoyed delectable snacks and dinner.

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