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March 12, 2012
March 18, 2012


A child must be registered by the end of November if admission is sought for in the April of the following year on the enclosed registration form. The school year begins in the month of April. Registration in no way ensures admission of the child, it is subject to a aptitude test conducted by the school authorities.
Parents may register their child for admission into a particular class in a particular year at any time after the birth of the child. Only registered candidates will be considered for admission.


After Registration candidates will be notified of the date of Admission test and interview. The aptitude assessment in English, Math and Hindi is held to assess the ability of children for admission to a particular class followed by an interaction with the principal. As the medium of instruction is English an understanding of English as well as average English speaking capability is a must for all applicants. Candidates qualifying in the test will be granted admission subject to availability of seats. No admission is granted unless all the requirements are fulfilled. The Admission committee reserves the right to select the candidates based on their performance in the written test, interview and their aptitude, personality, intelligence and other capabilities. The decision of the Admission Committee will be final and binding in all cases. If a candidate fails to appear in the admission test/interview, his/her registration will lapse and the registration fee will be forfeited. However, the admission committee may conduct a special test, in genuine case, if justified.
Once the candidate is selected, he/she is required to fulfill all the formalities and pay the necessary fees within 15 days of selection. If he/she fails to do so, the school is free to offer the seat to another candidate in order of merit or position on the waiting list. Every child is required to bring a fitness certificate by an MBBS Doctor.
The school, however reserve the right to decide the class in which a child may be placed on admission. The Principal does not bind himself/ herself to furnish any reason for rejection any application for admission. A child joining form any other school must carry his/her Transfer Certificate from the previous school Admission to K.G. or any other class should be accompanied by a Birth Certificate from the Municipal or competent authorities. The date of birth as declared at the time of admission cannot be altered later on in the school register.
The Minimum age of admission in class K.G. is 4 years and 6 months as on 1st April.



Prospective parents are welcome to visit the school on any working day and register their child for admission into a particular class in a particular year.
A non-refundable registration fee to be determined and reviewed periodically by the Board of Governors, will be charged from the candidate applying for registration on the prescribed registration form. The mere act of registration will not constitute a guarantee of admission, Which is subject to testing, interview and the rules contained here in . All candidates will be required to register, following the registration procedure outlined above and only registered candidates will be eligible for admission.

Admission in Class IX

Those seeking admission directly to class IX should be aware that in contrast to most other schools, we offer subject choices at this stage. Entrance test papers are therefore subject specific at this level. Please refer to the paragraph on Academics.

Admission in Class XI

A child may be admitted provisionally in April in either of the two streams i.e. Science & Commerce with or without Maths. The admission and subjects are confirmed only after the board results are declared at the end of May. The School will admit those candidates whose class X results are declared before 31st July of the academic year. Candidates seeking admission to class XI of the ISC (X!!) course, who have passed their class X Examination from the National Institute of Open Schooling, New Delhi, must fulfill the following criteria:-

a) Pass in five written subjects of external examination.
b) These five subjects must include English, a second language and three other written subjects accepted by the council.
c) Passed the examination in one and the same sitting.


Candidates who are offered admission must avail of the offer within the specified time by paying the necessary admission dues, as defined in the current year’s Fee structure and returning duly signed the Indemnity Agreement (on Judicial Stamp Paper), the Uniform measurement Chart and the Student’s Medical history form, T.C. and Report Card of previous school and 5 Passport size Photograph failing which the admission will lapse. In such case, the school will be entitled to offer the place to another candidate in order of merit/position waiting list.
On full payment of the admission dues and submission of the relevant documents, candidates will be sent an Admission Document, allotted an admission number placed on the school rolls Once admitted, candidates will be subject to all the rules and regulation of the school admission, fees once paid will not under any circumstances be refundable.

School Uniform

Uniforms are available in the school at actual cost. On being granted admission to the school, new students are sent a clothing list, detailing the articles to be brought to the school by each child and listing those that the school will supply. Parents must ensure that no more and no less than the articles required are sent with the child. The school has the right to confiscate any article not mentioned in the list. We encourage a sense of equality and parents are advised not to send any expensive personal item(s) to school with their children since the school will not, under any circumstances, take responsibility for the loss of any such items.

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