A visit to Viratkhai Chakrata

An excursion to Shimla
March 25, 2015
April 5, 2015

Forty five boarder girls went for an excursion to Viratkhai, a small hill station located near Chakrata. They stayed in the tents. The rainfall, snowy mountains and beautiful valleys made the stay very thrilling and adventurous. The students enjoyed trekking, valley crossing, rock climbing, tress climbing and long walks. At night the bon fire, songs, dances, and various games like treasure hunts numbering system added more excitement. The Tiger Falls was amazing. The gushing falls and different kinds of rocks made the spirits liven up. The delectable meals and spicy snacks were mouth watering. Shopping was fun and interaction with the residents of Chakrata made the excursion more appealing.
The children become aware and knowledgeable about their own state and learn many factors of tourist spots in the region.

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