A trip excursion to Rajaji National Park & Jayalgarh

The journey to Rajaji National Park was long but enjoyable. The topsy-turvy roads, the jerks and the scenic hearty of the hills made the way joyful. The students were divided into two groups. The stay at V. Resorts was extremely comfortable and cosy. The safari rides to Rajaji National Park were immensely enjoyed. Bird watching and a view of wild animals made the students feel very adventurous. Many activities like Volleyballs, Burma Bridge, Jumaring and Parallel Ropes were also thrilling. The children got great exposure to the geographical terrain of the National Park and learn about the habitat of the wild animals.

A visit to Jayalgarh
The memories of Jayalgarh will remain alive in the minds of the boarders. The children immensely enjoyed the scenic beauty of the River Alaknanada. They plunged into the river and the splash of cold water made them spirited. Shopping in Srinagar market was great. Children bought gifts and mememtos for their families. Wonderful time was spent at nights dancing around the bon fire. Playing antakshri, tambola and number games made the trip thrilling. The short trip was not only knowledgeable but also adventurous.