The Aryan School, Dehradun

Leading boarding school in Dehradun

There are many boarding schools in Dehradun. City is famous worldwide for its excellent schooling. At The Aryan School, we believe that a comprehensive curriculum broadens not only the mind but also the opportunities. It is a belief that has inspired us and our students for the past 19 years and has made us a leader in Boarding Schools in Dehradun.

We believe that the first duty of a boarding school is the all round development of student. The Aryan School offers an opportunity for students to learn a number of life skills while having access to a high-quality education. The boarding school programs of The Aryan School give students more opportunities to develop teamwork and learn outside the classroom. Education at The Aryan School aims at the refinement of both character and personality. The purpose of meaningful education is not only to impart knowledge but also to produce compassionate, tolerant and strong individuals.

The Aryan School stands committed to develop honesty, loyalty, perseverance, self-confidence, discipline in students life.

The school’s founder, visionary Indian educationalist Mr. Sunny Gupta, believed that young mind flourish when their horizons are broadened beyond just their academic potential.

At The Aryan School our teachers are committed to develop the qualities of compassion, honesty, initiative, a thirst for adventure and a sense of service to others in our students. Our intention is not just to prepare our students for exams, but also for life.

The Aryan School is one of the Indian’s leading boarding schools, co-educational and dedicated to delivering an ethos which stretches, challenges, nurtures and develops every child in our care, so that they grow into all that they can be.

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Boarding Houses

At The Aryan School we have separate hostels for boys and girls. House parents are always accessible to provide guidance to students. Generally there are 4 to 8 students in each dorm. Hostel has modern washrooms (toilet and bathing cells). Cleanliness is maintained by the Sahayikas on duty. The Dean of Pastoral Care is involved with all facets of a student’s life.


The school programme is designed to inculcate global thinking in the children and at the same time strengthening their cultural roots. A meaningful vibrant education pattern is followed, laying emphasis on self directed learning, letting the teacher play the role of a facilitator. A broad curriculum of subjects ensures wide exposure to the children, where as a range of activities engage the child, honing the personality and character. The school is from III to Class XII. The School’s session is from April to March.

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