Our Principal

Our School Principal

Mr. Alok Virmani, Principal

Mr. Alok Virmani, Principal

Mr. Alok Virmani was born and brought up in Dehradun. After successfully completing his schooling in a renowned school St. Joseph’s Academy which is affiliated to Indian Council of Secondary Examination he excelled in sporting as well as co-curricular activities. Debating and dramatics is his passion.

Belonging to a family of educated individuals, Mr. Alok Virmani took it upon himself to serve the community with the teaching skills that he was born with.

He never looked back after completing Post Graduation and marched forward to further his education and take up teaching as his profession. He was invited to Ellesmere College in United Kingdom to deliver a lecture as part of an educational tour.

Mr. Alok Virmani has served as a House Master in The Scindia School for more than a decade; he was a founder Principal of Mount Litera Zee School and had led schools like DPS and Raja Rammohan Roy.

With 22 years of rich experience behind him that he has turned out to be an able teacher and principal of excellence, an able counselor and guide to the Students of The Aryan School and his team of educationists whom he has chosen with the greatest of care. The children are the focus in The Aryan School and selflessly with extreme dedication and devotion he is now the Principal with an experience of 5 years in the similar capacity behind him. Competent to nurture each corner of the school, watching children grow gives him the greatest of pleasure. No other activity gives him more delight than to be in the school campus, if not teaching, counseling, if not counseling, paying personal care to the weak children, if not that, training children to be great orators since public speaking is also his forte, if not that looking into the intricacies of the dining, infirmary and boarding houses so that no child feels homesick and sheds a tear.

The children are comfortable with him even though he is a strict disciplinarian because there is a balance between discipline and love.

From last twenty-two years Mr. Alok Virmani competes with no body but himself and the school is spoken of by the localities as one of the most reputed co-educational school of Dehradun. Students come from far and wide to enjoy what The Aryan School has to offer. The ex students are doing extremely well and it is not for nothing that he spends his little free time in answering their mails.

An avid mountaineer, who has many peaks to his credits, led the first students’ expedition to Mount Kilimanjaro (highest point in Africa) in the history.

With fond love he addresses himself as the mentor to all the young ones entrusted in his care.

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